Lowes Over-Promises and Underdelivers

I have to say in public that I am so, so sorry to my daughter. Of course, it's almost the New Year, they are having a big New Years party and their refrigerator decided to die. I told her that the LG refrigeration in her price range is the best buy, and that Lowes would be a great place to buy it.

Of course, she listened to her mother and went straight to Lowes and this is what happened:

Thought I was getting a new refrigerator ... guess again. It looks like I’m just going to try and fix the one I have. Why may you ask? I ordered one and it was supposed to deliver yesterday. I waited all day and by 5 (end of the delivery window) I called the delivery company. They told me it was being delayed by Lowes and that I needed to call the store. Call the store and they tell me they don’t know why the order was assigned to their store because they don’t have any. Notice - the only reason I found this out is because I called. They sent the order to the warehouse. I called the warehouse and they assured me it would be delivered today. I even got an email stating it would be delivered today. I spoke with someone at customer service and they told me it would deliver today and that I would get a call from the delivery company with a specific time. I never received a phone call from the shipper or from Lowes. I called the shipper this morning and they sent me to Lowes again. Lowes said for some reason my order didn’t push through and that he “shook up” the system. I would be receiving a new order day and time later today once it went through. Called customer service and long story short... they oversold the refrigerator by more than 60 and it is on backorder. There are probably 60 other people going through the same thing I am because Lowes doesn’t communicate with its customers once they have your money. Because they have no idea when they will get more in I went ahead and canceled the order. It might be the last time I order something from Lowes since they have terrible customer service. #neveragainLowes #loweshasbadcustomerservice #LowesCorporate

So now they have a party with all of their friends, two busy active teenagers who like to eat, and no refrigerator in sight. Lowes, customer service is everything, and since Millennials are all about the experience as much as the price, this is even a bigger fail entering into the decade that will be all about the customer experience. 

This also shows how important Google my business and Google searches are this decade - because when she did Google LG Regrigerators, Lowes is teh first thing that came up.

Unlike Lowes, I am standing behind my promise and will spend my New Years helping find my daughter a refrigerator because this Lifestylist does stand behind what she says.