A Company Is Only as Good As It's People

I'm not sure if it's because of old age or I just notice it more, but I'll choose to do business with a company that has knowledgeable, respectful team members over a company that has employees that don't appreciate my business. Even if I have to pay more, the lack of aggravation is worth it.

We try and go to our local farmers markets every weekend, and we have been loyal to the main location for years, even after they made changes that we didn't agree with - we wanted to support our local farmers. It has become increasingly obvious that they really don't care what we think and if we every go back again - the manager sees us every weekend and has yet to even say hello. You can tell the farmers aren't excited about being there anymore either - gone are the days when we would get hugs and great conversations.

This weekend we decided to drive a little further and try out a different market, and we are so glad that we did. Even though instead of being in a large permanent building it's in a church parking lot there's a completely different feeling and attitude - we made some great new friends and found some sources that we'll be going back for every week.

I work too hard for the funds I have - and I have the choice to spend them where I want to. I choose to support people I like and that appreciate my business.

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